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$12.5 Million GTD Venom

$12.5 Million GTD Venom

Venom Fever begins with thousands of ways to qualify!

(Includes 30 seats GTD via Beast Tourney on Sunday, February 25th)

The hoopla has officially begun with our $12.5 Million GTD Venom starting Sunday, April 14th. It’s our biggest tournament ever with at least 3 millionaires crowned and even more set to win life-changing scores.

Venom Fever is starting early this time, with more ways to qualify for your $2,650 seat than ever before. Bookmark this page as it will be regularly updated with new satellites and ways to qualify.

Beast Tournament ($95 buy-in)-250 SEATS GUARANTEED!

We’ve massively increased our total guaranteed seats via our weekly Beast Satellites.

  • NEXT UP! 30-Seats GTD on Sunday, March 17th at 6:05pm ET

  • 30-Seats GTD on Sunday, March 24th at 6:05pm ET

  • 30-Seats GTD on Sunday, March 31st at 6:05pm ET

  • 40-Seats GTD on Sunday, April 7th at 6:05pm ET

  • 40-Seats GTD on Sunday, April 14th at 6:05pm ET

  • 50-Seats GTD on Sunday, April 21st at 6:05pm ET

*Note all satellite winners qualifying before April 14th will be automatically pre-registered without the option to unregister for Day 1A. 


$55   PATH Freeroll | $0.55 | $5.50 | $55$109 PATH Freeroll | $1.10 | $11 | $109$290 PATH Freeroll | $2.50 | $33 | $290$630 PATH Freeroll | $6.60 | $66 | $630


Other Ways to Qualify

There are literally thousands of guaranteed seats to the $12.5 Million Venom. Here’s the lineup:

  • Spin to Get IN: Our virtual slot machine can get you a Venom seat for as little as 1 cent.

  • Leaderboard Contests: 3 seats GTD through the OSS Leaderboard Competition. And 30 seats GTD through the High Five Leaderboard Competition from March 10th – March 31st

  • Venom Direct Satellites: Our juicy schedule starts March 24th and guarantees 781 seats.

  • Mega Satellites: 668 seats up for grabs starting March 19th, with paths starting at $0.

  • Multi-flight tourneys: These are $16.50 buy-ins with 60 total seats GTD. That’s 15 seats GTD between March 3rd-17th, March 17th-31st, March 31st-April 13th and April 14th-27th.

  • First Time Depositors tourney: Make your first deposit by April 5th and play in a 6-max satellite on April 7th in which all 6 players at the Final Table will receive a Venom seat. Separate 6 max satellite on April 27th for all First Time Depositors from April 7th to 26th.

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