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The whole gaming industry has been interested in esports as a result of their amazing recent rise. The vertical is currently being added to the portfolios of many operators, frequently with varying degrees of success.

Focusing on typical revenue streams, esports and conventional sports betting continue to differ significantly.

Although there are still some sizable obstacles in the way of this happening, the majority of industry analysts agree that it is only a matter of time before this gap is filled. For instance, esports have occasionally faced integrity issues, just as many sports.

Esports is doing a tremendous job of preserving the legitimacy of the phenomena. But given the sector's continued growth in prominence, we must keep moving forward.

Any competitive sector must be founded on integrity, and it is everyone's duty to create an enjoyable, secure, and long-lasting environment for the esports community.

To give all stakeholders a clear awareness of best practices, a rigid and strong regulatory framework is necessary. To stop cheating and illegal actions, esports should impose strong rules and regulations. Anyone who breaks these standards should be subject to appropriate fines to show how seriously we take this as an industry.

Technology has fostered the growth of esports and can also guarantee its future. Technology can improve the fairness of esports by exposing cheating and other misbehaviour. The proper research should be done to build a picture of the officials and players who take centre stage while respecting data privacy.

The use of technology can be incorporated into current systems to track changing player behaviour. Even if it won't catch misconduct on its own, it contributes to the entire picture when compared to other betting behaviours and historical patterns in international esports. It's even possible to precisely monitor players' heart rates and pulses.

Esports were likely aided by the pandemic, but the business was expanding well before 2020. It is hard to predict if it will generate the same levels of participation as traditional sports.The first of several trends that can aid in closing the gap is the surge in media attention. More airtime and column inches will raise awareness of the vertical and emphasise the factors that have contributed to its success. As was mentioned in the prior integrity question, improving regulation and openness within esports will motivate more individuals to choose for themselves if they can trust what they are witnessing.As more seasoned sports bettors age, operators will realise the value of being able to draw in and interact with a new audience, which will increase the significance of esports. In order for operators to future-proof their companies, they should invest in esports and global esports today.

The top technology will be able to give a wide range of esports possibilities as a result of investment. Future esports athletes have been accustomed to the most user-friendly and adaptable technology, and they won't accept anything less than a seamless gaming experience.

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