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Non Fungible Token

A non-fungible token, or NFT for short, is a piece of information that is kept on the blockchain, a decentralized digital record, and confirms a digital asset's uniqueness and prohibits its interchangeability. NFTs can be used to symbolize a variety of digital files, including images, videos, music, drawings, tweets, animated GIFs, songs, and games.

NFTs are never the same because of their various characteristics, which make them digitally unique.

NFTs, which are unique units of data stored on a blockchain and are seen as the beginning of a new era in digital art, can be used to symbolize readily replicable items to establish proof of ownership and authenticity.

NFTs allow users to buy and trade ownership of unique digital assets in exchange for cryptocurrencies while using the Blockchain to keep track of who owns what. The sale of an NFT will always be documented on the blockchain, guaranteeing that its origin is always known. NFT typically permits content creators to launch their own NFT shop or store using their own domain name.

Due to their individuality, NFTs make excellent collector's pieces, but many people also buy them as speculative investments. The NFT recorded on a blockchain cannot be altered or copied because blockchains are digital ledgers, where records cannot be modified after being entered and saved.

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