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OSS XL Over $40,000,000 GTD!!

We're running an Extra Large (XL) version of our main tournament series just a few days after our record-breaking Venom tournament ended.

With over $40 million in guaranteed prize money and a lucrative leaderboard competition, the OSS XL offers you even more motivation to compete for the top spot. So relax up and get ready for a whole month of nonstop activity packed with poker!

  • Over $40 Million in guaranteed prize pools.

  • Special $60,000 Leaderboard (paid by ACR)

  • Mix of small, medium and large buy-ins

  • Three $2 Million GTD Events or larger

  • Added $1.5 Million and $1 Million tourneys

Main Events

Day 1’s on Sunday, May 19th and 26th. Day 2 on Monday, May 27th and Final Table on Tuesday, May 28th.

  • $2,650 buy-in $2,500,000 GTD

  • $1,050 buy-in $2,000,000 GTD

  • $215 buy-in $1,000,000 GTD

Other Main Event

  • $2,650 buy-in $500,000 GTD PLO on Sunday, May 19th

Multiflight Events

Day 1 Flights from Sunday, May 5th to Monday, May 27th. Day 2 also on Monday, May 27th.

  • $630 buy-in $2,000,000 GTD

  • $109 buy-in $1,500,000 GTD (Mystery Bounty)

  • $66 buy-in $500,000 GTD

Other Multiflight Events

Day 1 Flights from Sunday, May 5th to Sunday, May 26th. Day 2 also on Sunday, May 26th.

  • $16.50 buy-in $200,000 GTD (Mystery Bounty)

  • $2.50 buy-in $100,000 GTD (Mystery Bounty)

Don't pass up this incredible poker tournament experience.

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